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American Football

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Sample Basketball Plays
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Simple Inbounds Stack
Inbounder is Cutter
Overload Featuring the 1
Moving without the ball

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We would love to see your plays here. Just click 'New Playbook' at the top of a sample. When you are done, send a player link to Make sure to give yourself credit in the play description!

Features allows you to create plays and then share the plays with your team. Our goal is to help your players learn your plays at their own pace through animated playback.

You can then spend your valuable practice time doing what you do best - turning kids into athletes and athletes into players!

Plays can be viewed in most modern web browsers and on many mobile devices, including the iPhone™ and Android™ phones.

Create a Play

Drag each player to their starting positions. When you have them standing in the right place, capture the step.

Move each player to their next position. When they are all arranged, capture the step.

Press the 'Show the Play' button to see your players run from their starting positions to their 2nd positions.

You can add another step to the end of your play by moving the players and capturing the step.

If you want to change the players' positions, just move them and press 'Modify Step'

Press 'Delete Step' to remove the step and try again.

Don't forget to save your hard work on a regular basis!

See the Play

The 'Show the Play' button lets you see the play as an animation.

As your plays get longer, it may help to use the 'Pause' and 'Resume' button to control the action.

You can also walk through the play one step at a time with the '<' and '>' buttons.

The 'Modify Step' and 'Delete Step' buttons affect the current step.

Capturing a new step inserts a step between the current step and the next step.

Share Your Play

You must save your work before you can share it.

If you want to let your assistants collaborate, then you can send an email to them with the Coaches Link.

The players get a link which only allows them to view the plays.


We collect as little information as possible and do not share your information with anyone.

You do not need to provide an email address. If you do provide an email address then we will only use it to help you recover lost data. We will not use your email to contact you. We will not share your email address with anyone else.

This application is hosted on Google's App Engine service, so you should also be aware of their privacy policy.